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2021-10-28Why kids' immune systems can handle covid, and how vaccines could interfere with their immune response (article)
2021-10-10Reports of serious injuries after covid vaccines near 112,000, as Pfizer asks FDA to green light shots for kids 5 to 11 (article)
2021-10-07Studies confirm Pfizer vaccine immunity wanes at 2 months, as pharma giant seeks FDA approval for kids 5 to 11 (article)
2021-09-24More than 726,000 covid vaccine injuries reported to VAERS as CDC, FDA overrule advisory committees' recommendations on third Pfizer shot (article)
2021-08-242 things mainstream media didn't tell you about FDA's approval of Pfizer vaccine (article)
2021-08-23Study Fully vaccinated healthcare workers carry 251 times viral load, pose threat to unvaccinated patients, co-workers (article)Dr Peter McCullough
2021-08-16How CDC manipulated data to create pandemic of the unvaxxed narrative (article)
2021-07-09Number of deaths reported after covid vaccines jumps by more than 2,000 in 1 week, according to VAERS (article)Megan Redshaw
2021-07-01Injured by a covid vaccine Want financial compensation Too bad, says injury compensation law firm (article)
2021-06-23Kudos to WSJ editors for publishing op-ed saying politics not science behind failure to acknowledge covid vaccine risks (article)
2021-06-17Inventor of mRNA technology Vaccine causes lipid nanoparticles to accumulate in high concentrations in ovaries (article)