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Articles published by Dailysceptic.org:

2021-12-22No, the NHS is not being overwhelmed by the unvaccinated (article)Will Jones
2021-12-22Triple-vaccinated more than FOUR times as likely to test positive for omicron than unvaccinated, data shows (article)Will Jones
2021-12-21South Africa's SAGE tells government End contact tracing and self-isolation for covid because it's not worth it (article)
2021-12-18Vaccine safety update 21 (article)
2021-12-15Danish study confirms that natural immunity protects better against infection than the vaccines (article)
2021-12-09Vaccine safety update 20 (article)Will Jones
2021-12-07Reaping the whirlwind (article)
2021-11-26ONS slapped down by UK statistics watchdog for misleading claim that unvaccinated have 32 times risk of covid death (article)
2021-11-25Vaccine safety update 19 (article)
2021-11-04Are vaccines driving excess deaths in Scotland, a professor of biology asks (article)
2021-10-23As infection rates for vaccinated aged 40-79 hit double the rates in the unvaccinated, the UK Health Security Agency suggests that vaccines may hobble the immune response on infection (article)
2021-10-18Child vaccination rates as low as 3.5% in areas of England (article)
2021-10-14Vaccine safety update 13 (article)
2021-10-08Nailed it! Professor Anthony Brookes accurately predicts the delta surge in seven countries (article)
2021-10-03BULLSHIT-19 (article)James Alexander
2021-10-03Vaccine effectiveness hits as low as minus-66% in the over-40s, new PHE data shows (article)Will Jones
2021-10-02Covid vaccine uptake has stalled at 55% in 16-18 year-olds (article)
2021-09-22Women are consistently more pro-lockdown, study finds (article)
2021-09-16The ethical bankruptcy of vaccinating 12-15 year-olds against SARS-CoV-2 (article)George Santayana
2021-09-14Why is the ONS claiming just 1% of covid deaths are in the vaccinated when PHE data shows the true figure for august was 70% (article)
2021-09-10Vaccines have negative effectiveness in the over-40s, as low as minus 38%, shows new PHE report (article)Will Jones
2021-08-22Latest PHE Data Shows Vaccine Effectiveness Down to Just 15% in the Over-50s, 37% in the Under-50s. Deaths Cut by 80% in Over-50s, But Just 12% in Under-50s (article)Will Jones
2021-08-11The heresy of heresies (article)Charlotte Niemiec
2021-08-10Assembling covid jigsaw pieces into a complete pandemic picture (article)Professor Anthony Brookes
2021-08-02Does This data from Public Health Scotland show that vaccine effectiveness against death is just 46% (article)Will Jones
2021-07-25PHE data shows vaccine effectiveness reduced to near zero in over 50s (article)Will Jones