Mass formation

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According to Mattias Desmet, all totalitarian systems must be preceded by a collective psychological phenomenon called mass formation, also known as mass hypnosis.

The four preconditions to mass formation

There are four preconditions that must exist within the population before mass formation can emerge. Desmet maintains that these four preconditions were already present in our modern, alienating, stultifying societies prior to the Scamdemic. The preconditions are:

  1. A large percentage of the population feels socially isolated and lacks good social connections to other people.
  2. A lack of meaning-making or sense-making prevails for many. People feel their lives and jobs are meaningless, senseless.
  3. A high degree of free-floating anxiety exists, anxiety that cannot be connected to a specific object or circumstance. This free-floating anxiety is a consequence of the previous two conditions: social isolation and meaninglessness.
  4. There is a high degree of frustration and latent aggression in the population, arising from the free-floating anxiety, which in turn arises from the first two conditions.

Under such conditions, a society is highly sensitive to narratives—particularly if these narratives are presented through the mainstream media.