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2021-12-1323 covid-sceptic memes to get you through the day (part 14) (article)
2021-11-27The Omicron Variant - Magic pills, or solving the Africa problem (article)Kit Knightly
2021-11-12Letter to a colluder Stop enabling tyranny (article)
2021-11-07Will you stand with me (article)Lucy Davies
2021-10-28Molnupiravir (Lagevrio) covid wonder drug or money-making scam (article)
2021-10-02The last of our human freedoms - covid-1984 meets the brave new normal (article)Greg Maybury
2021-09-26UK to begin nation-wide fluoridation of tap water (article)Kit Knightly
2021-09-2230 facts you need to know Your covid cribsheet (article)
2021-09-21Inalienable Rights A suggested solution to the covid coup (article)Iain Davis
2021-09-13Covid, 9 11 and forever war (article)Kit Knightly
2021-09-02How (and why) Israel changed what fully vaccinated means (article)Kit Knightly
2021-08-17The IPCC report and the pivot from covid to climate The New Normal brigade are prepping us for a change of direction (article)Kit Knightly
2021-08-07It's just... Why I won't submit (article)Addison Reeves
2021-08-03Repeat after me The PCR tests don't work! The pandemic is only as real as the test, and test is a dice role (article)Catte Black
2021-08-02The Road to Totalitarianism (article)CJ Hopkins
2021-07-28Covid vaccines and pregnancy Twitter blocks OffG for telling the truth (article)Kit Knightly
2021-07-15The approaching storm (article)CJ Hopkins
2021-07-14Global vaccine passports have arrived courtesy of Google, EU (article)Kitt Knightly
2021-07-03Vaccine billionaires and human guinea pigs (article)Colin Todhunter
2021-07-01Inside Biden's new domestic terrorism strategy (article)Kit Knightly
2021-06-30The war on reality (article)CJ Hopkins
2021-06-25So Matt Hancock groped his assistant... who cares (article)Catte Black
2021-06-21Manufacturing (new normal) reality (article)CJ Hopkins
2021-06-17Matt Hancock hints NHS has a decreased duty of care for anti-vaxxers (article)
2021-06-07The Wuhan lab-leak story is just more fear porn (article)
2021-06-02Counting covid's deceptive deaths (article)Bernard Marx
2021-06-01Covid is over... if you want it (article)Margaret Anna Alice
2021-05-26Greetings from new normal Germany! (article)CJ Hopkins
2021-05-20Leave our kids alone (article)Suzie Halewood
2021-05-05The criminalization of dissent (article)CJ Hopkins